Utah Rave Promoters Release a Statement Regarding Police Actions - Address Permit Issue

Official Statement and Information from the Promoters of Versus.

First off, we would like to thank all of the people who have come to our side in the wake of this deplorable incident. We apologize for not being able to provide you all with information faster. We are doing everything we can for people who were affected by the actions of the police. We as community have been underestimated. The finger has been waved about our character and ability. Because of this, now is the time to stand up together and show the world exactly how we don’t plan to take this lying down and teach a couple old dogs a thing or two about what character is. So, this is what we need to do…

To put a stop to any rumors, or false statements that have been cropping up, we would like to clarify a couple of key issues.

* Was the party permitted?

Yes, period, end of story. Now for the reason this has been in question: According to the county laws

(Utah Countly Mass Gathering Permit Laws)

in Section 13-4-2-1:


No person shall permit, maintain, promote, conduct,
advertise, act as entrepreneur, undertake, organize,
manage, or sell or give tickets to an actual or
reasonably anticipated assembly of two hundred fifty
(250) or more people which continues or can
reasonably be expected to continue for twelve (12) or
more consecutive hours, whether on public or private
property unless a license to hold the assembly has
first been issued by the County Commissioners. (Ord.
No. 1971-4, Section 2, 7-7-71) (emphasis added)

It states that if the party was to exceed 250 people OR go over 12 consecutive hours we would have needed to clear it with the county commissioner.

The FACT is, that although the party was to exceed 250 people, it was NOT to go over 12 hours. This is evidenced by the DJ’s time slots, and the agreement between Performance Audio and Brandon Fullmer. The permit was granted, and then seized by the Utah County police, clearly stated across the top “Utah County Health Department Mass Gathering Permit.”

It was not made clear by any employee of Utah County or member of the Utah County Sheriffs Depatment at any time prior to the event that anything else may have been required by law.

* Were any individuals injured by the police?

This should be self-evident that this statement is true. However, the issue needs to be addressed. The police have stated that no one was injured. There is photo and video evidence to prove otherwise. This evidence will be coming out in the press conference, which will be occurring soon.

* Did the police use tazers?

Tazers were not used; however we have sufficient evidence and reason to believe that STUN guns were present and allegedly used.

* Were dogs used to subdue party goers?

Yes, the K-9 units were present, and used in this operation. We have testimonials and evidence to show that the dogs were used as frightening motivational tools in evacuating the area plus you can distinctly hear them in the video.

* Were cameras and videos broken or confiscated by the police?

This is true. We will provide photos and provide the actual cameras that were destroyed in the “operation” at the press conference.

* Was Brandon Fullmer involved in promoting the event called Sequence?

No. For both Versus and Sequence, there is a promoter involved named Brandon, however, they are NOT the same person. No question. This is being addressed because the Utah County Sheriffs department seems to believe these individuals are the same, when in fact they are not

* Did the police officers find any weapons?

Yes, the police did arrest and charge one person with possession of a firearm. This individual in question was the land owner’s son, on his own property.

* Did the police seize large amounts of drugs?

[size=3]Police did seize illicit drugs; a large portion of the drugs seized were drugs that the security officers had confiscated from event goers. Admittedly, this is a sticky issue. Police say security should not have those substances, but it is security’s job to keep the environment as safe as possible from potential harmful situations.

* What are our feelings about police presence at these events?

Many times past we have hired off duty police officers to patrol and attend these events as added security. There have also been many times where police have come, and have walked through our parties. Had the police even attempted to contact us before hand, they would have been a welcome presence.

* Was this event a secret, only for people "in the know"?

ABSOLUTELY not! This event was in no way, shape or form a secret. It was a highly publicized and promoted event. If this event had been a secret, or a covert operation in any way, why were great lengths taken to obtain permits? This event was no secret.

What are we as promoters doing about this situation?

1.We are currently working with legal representation to ensure we do not get steamrolled by Utah County. We are working with Brian M. Barnard who is considered to be one, if not the best civil rights attorney in the state of Utah. You can read about his many accomplishments online if you so desire.

2. We have set up the web-site www.Music-Versus-Guns.org . This is taking a bit longer than expected to set up the site properly due to the large amount of interest in this situation. However, we are in the process of making this a centralized site with information on a multitude of issues pertaining to this particular incident. Please visit this site to learn more about what happened and what you can do.

3. We are spending almost every waking hour to discuss this issue at length with members of the media. We are trying to make sure that the events of August 20th 2005 are reported on fairly. We are also trying to educate as many people as possible of the true nature of these events, this is difficult but we are working with a host of excellent reporters to make sure the facts are strait.

If for any reason you have direct testimony that differs from what you see portraied by a story on television, or on the radio, or believe the story has been skewed from the facts to present opinion of the station or the reporter that differs from the truth, please feel free to notify Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting at www.fair.org which is a media watch dog group. Thus far I believe most of the reports have not been biased in any way so far but the link is here if you feel you need it.

Obviously, this is a lot of work, which is why we need your help and continued support.

What can you do?

There are many different priorities with regards to what needs to happen, and we would appreciate whatever help you can give in these areas.

1. If you attended the event and were allegedly attacked or assaulted by the police.

You are priority NUMBER ONE right now. This is what we need from you immediately:

a. We need written statements with explicit detail about everything.
From the time you left your home, to when you got back home. Please try to leave all speculation and personal opinions out of it. JUST THE FACTS!!! Also, keep them as professional as possible; if you are not confident in your writing skills, there are individuals who can assist you with this. Leave your contact information and FULL name at the bottom; along with addresses, phone numbers, email, etc. Contact information will not be made public!

Please send these statements to: Dimitri801@comcast.net

Many of you have already written eloquent and detailed descriptions of your night; thank you so much! We just ask that you add and/or edit anything that may need it.

b. We ARE be willing to videotape these statements as well.

Your experiences of the evening are the heart of this matter and we know that this may be a hard matter to discuss but the world needs to know that you are a real person with a serious grievance. If you are interested and willing to do this, please contact Dimitri at: (801) 577-8281 or by email Dimitri801@comcast.net

We will require each individuals consent to post or use any of this material.

c. Most importantly if you took photo's of any injuries, WE NEED COPIES immediately!
There is a good guideline on how to document these injuries here:

http://www.flora.org/legal/legal_info/document_injuries.html -and- http://www.fleschnerlaw.com/infolin...TING%20INJURIES

if you have not already done this. Bruises fade; cuts and wounds heal, and the sooner this is captured the better off everyone is. If you did not file a police report for any of your grievances out of intimidation or fear; do it now, with them or the ACLU at: http://www.acluutah.org/ There is a form located on the website where you can electronically file a complaint against the police. The police seem to be very curious as to why no one is willing to come in and report any alleged trauma or police brutality to the police; please be sure to include any of your reasons when you do this.

What if I made it out of the event unharmed and wasn't harrased?

1. Congratulations, you are lucky.

However, you are still an eyewitness account of what happened, and we need it. Once again, we are not interested in if you think the police involved are unscrupulous and/or immoral, with the intent of maliciously stomping on individual's civil liberties. All we want are the FACTS about what you saw. We need these accounts to directly refute the lies the police keep reporting to the media. We have already caught some of their inaccuracies, and need to keep doing just that. Please state everything that happened the second you left home until the time you returned home. Include everything you can, who was with you, times, and details. The sooner you do this the better!! Just like wounds, memories fade – hop on this people! Please include your full name and contact information; name, date, telephone/fax numbers, addresses and send these statements to

Dimitri801@comcast.net –or- nadia_73@hotmail.com

2. Talk far and wide.

Do everything in your power to make sure every human being on the face of the planet hears you. This is not just about an event, it is about freedom and civil liberties; it is also about the police overstepping their bounds and justifying it however they please. Once you start talking… do not ever shut up. If this is what happens today, and people stay silent, what will the police think they can get away with tomorrow? Silence will encourage their negative behavior.

To the people who were not in attendance

1. Be it local or international, it does not matter; WE NEED YOUR HELP! Not only to spread the truthful word about what happened, but to do whatever possible thing you can assist us with. People in the media, public relations, internet related business, people who can provide additional legal help, financial assistance, or people willing to help with leg work are of great necessity to us, please contact Loki801@comcast.net –or- Dimitri801@comcast.net All other music and event lovers keep talking! You have our never ending gratitude, you guys are so amazing!

Ultimately to prevent something like this ever happening again, it is up to ALL OF US. We must have teamwork and solidarity – having unity goes without saying. This fight is neither going to be short nor easy; we want to ensure that it is not you who needs our help someday. In order to have good teamwork, we need to be able to communicate so please visit the website, do what you can do, and please feel free to contact the people below as needed.

Contact Information

Brandon Fullmer Loki801@comcast.net
Phone; (801) 363-7955 Fax (801) 363-7943

For all matters related to needed legal statements contact-
Dimitri Mumulidisz Dimitri801@comcast.net

Phone: (801) 577-8281

For all internet related issues -
Nadia Nadia_73@hotmail.com

For all press related issues please contact-

Justin Kahn rockstar_con@hotmail.com
Phone: (801) 755-9300
There are others who are helping as well; we will get their contact information up promptly.

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